It’s no secret lead times are getting longer and supply chains are getting harder to manage, however with every problem lies an opportunity. At Technidrive we like to constantly innovate in all areas of business, ensuring we provide the best products and solutions to our valued customers along with high-level customer service and support.

We are consistently building our stock profile and reinvesting, this has resulted in us requiring more space and of course, creates an opportunity to use innovation to create smarter, space-saving storage. We are delighted to be adding a further 5000sqft to the building, including a new painting facility, painting prep room, mixing room, and painting racks. We are also delighted to be working with Moffett Automated Storage to create a storage plan which will include the new addition of an Effimat automated storage system & and an Aisle Master forklift to further maximise the space available.

The new facilities will allow us to receive larger shipments, stock more products, offer faster turnarounds on in house painting, and make us more efficient!